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  • RT @Ugarles: TRUMP: I fired Bannon. BANNON: I resigned 2 weeks ago. TRUMP: I fired him 3 weeks ago. BANNON: Quit 2 months ago. TRUMP: Never…

  • RT @PicardTips: Picard leadership tip: If everyone on your team quits, don't pretend you fired them. No one will believe you.

  • RT @PicardTips: Picard ethics tip: The fact that a conflict has many sides does not imply that every side has merit.

  • RT @NeinQuarterly: Like the Cuban Missile Crisis, they're saying. But with shoddier diplomacy. Shorter attention spans. Worse haircuts. And…

  • RT @PicardTips: Picard diplomacy tip: Calm the hell down.